Mask Sustainability: A Global Pollution Problem

The new normal is wearing masks in basically all public places. Attempting to slow the spread of COVID-19 has necessitated this, but the future looks like a place where we will continue wearing masks to protect ourselves from airborne particles. 

Typically, disposable masks (or masks with disposable filter inserts) are the most effective. One of the unspoken side effects of using these throw-away masks for the purpose of slowing the spread of disease is the environmental impact. 

According to data from the United Nations, around 75% of single-use masks will end up in either landfills or in the oceans. 

An article in Science Magazine estimates that 129 billion face masks are being consumed monthly as a result of the pandemic. 

One of the primary reasons that Myant set out to manufacture an effective, reusable face mask is to help alleviate the impact that single-use masks are having on the world. We hope the Myant 95 is able to be a big part of a necessary global solution for a sustainable, effective face mask.