Introducing Myant 95

95% filtration in our eco-friendly, comfortable mask

The Myant 95 mask is the only washable fabric mask that provides exceptional protection from airborne particles. without the use of disposable filters

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Tony Chahine, CEO

"When COVID-19 hit, we quickly realized that disposable masks at a global scale are environmentally unsustainable. So we set out to engineer a reusable, highly effective fabric mask - this is the Myant 95"


Fabric masks that actually work

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Reusable masks are better for the earth

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Comfortable mask for all day use

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Excellent Mask!! Very pleased with my new mask. It fits well and doesn’t cause my glasses to fog.

Paul Keery

Toronto, ON


This mask is amazing. I had to travel recently and felt both comfortable and completed protected in this mask.

Laura Leigh

Columbus, OH


Myant 95 (w/ ear straps). 5 stars!

Chris Eliasmith

Masks with a purpose

Leaders in mask technology

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The Myant 95 is designed to provide you with a comfortable and effective breathing experience, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing

Who we are

About Myant

Myant knits sensors and actuators into everyday textiles, giving them the ability to sense and react to the human body. This continuous bidirectional interface to the human operating system will empower humanity to transform its capabilities and performance, help people proactively manage health and deliver treatment, and allow us to build better connections to our own selves and those around us.

Some additional Myant 95 features:

Protective Knitted Face Masks
Nose Bars: Face Mask
Custom Printed Face Masks
Masking: Reusable
Masks: Face
Face Masks: Custom Printed


Our masks are knitted with silver and copper infused yarns. Silver is known for its antibacterial properties. Copper is known for its antiviral properties. 

Our masks are perfectly safe to use and wash. People with allergies to silver should avoid our masks that contain silver yarns. 

No. Our masks are not currently N95 certified. Through third party testing, we have achieved >95% bacterial and particulate filtration, which meets ASTM level 1 standards for filtration

We recommend that you wash the masks before using. 

Your masks can be washed in the washing machine with other clothes at 40 degrees celsius (104 fahrenheit), normal setting.

To dry, lay the mask flat. Do not bleach, do not dry-clean, and do not iron or press.